5 Places to Go When You’re Feeling SSS (stressed, scared, or sad) + GIFS

We all have those days. The days where we feel like crap, when we want to escape, when we just want to lie on our couches and maybe binge on some reality TV and be a grouch to everyone. But, what’s really important is not that we’re feeling that way, but what we’re doing about it. 

I invite you to check out this list of places to go when you’re SSS (stressed, scared, or sad). Some of these places are easy-you might just have to move a few steps and you’re there, while other places aren’t so simple, but just as effective. Enjoy the list and be sure to tell me in the comments what your favorite place was, and share any tips you have about how to pick yourself up when you’re down.

1. The World of Harry Potter (or the worlds of your favorite books)

harry potter gif


Harry Potter is flippin’ fantastic. If you haven’t read it or seen the movies (at least), I encourage you to get yourself to the nearest bookstore and binge read the series, or, if you must, start with the movies. In my opinion, Harry Potter has something for everyone: magic, humor, friendship, adventures, love. I know that reading something like Harry Potter always makes me feel better, and if you’re not interested or have already read the series millions of times, I essentially am just encouraging you to go pick up your favorite book or a book that you’ve been interested in reading for quite awhile.

2. Running

running gif


One time, my best friend and I were taking a walk around my neighborhood. We had just reached my block, and decided to have a race back to my house. We’d always done these when we were younger, and, while racing her, I got addicted to the feeling of the wind in my hair and the beautiful, captivating feeling of being alive that running gives you. I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed that feeling. So, drop everything and run!

3. Your Creative Mind


creative gif

As Kanye brags, be your own creative genius! Use what inspires you-words, dreams, experiences, anything-to cultivate or create something that makes you feel better. For me, I created a huge quote wall across two walls of my bedroom and even parts of the ceiling (I’m still working on it), full of quotes, phrases, sayings, and images that inspire me daily. Putting the quotes on the wall is fun, finding them is fun, reading and remembering is fun, and putting their inspiring words into my daily life is amazing and so comforting. Be creative and find something you love that comforts you.

4. On the other end of your best friend’s phone

phone gif

Call him or her up! Sometimes all you have to do is talk to someone you care about, and boom! Your bad mood totally goes away. People and friendships truly do bring the positives back out, and sometimes all it takes to feel better is to talk to someone who will make you smile when you hear their voice.

5. Your headphones-and the dance floor that can be your bedroom

taylor swift dancing

Dance it out! Crank up your favorite tunes, and have  dance party by yourself or with friends. Get those feelings out, and get moving! I guarantee you-for at least one part of your favorite song, you’ll forget about whatever’s bringing you down.

Thanks for checking out this post! And remember, if none of this advice helped ya, go get yourself some hugs and hot chocolate!


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